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Video Gallery

A collection of product and how-to videos for windows and patio doors.

Instructions:¬†Browse through the library of WeatherLok videos found below. Click on any of the videos below and it will automatically begin playing in a pop-up window. Click on the “X” to close the window after viewing the video.

WeatherLok Product Videos (English Versions)

New FlexScreen Overview Video

The WeatherLok Manufacturing Story

WeatherLok Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

WeatherLok New Construction Windows

Understanding Window Condensation

InsulKor Foam Option Video

Low-E and Argon Option Video

Sloped Sill Feature Video

WeatherLok How-To Videos (English Versions)

FlexScreen Full Screen Installation

FlexScreen Half Screen Installation

FlexScreen Rescreen / Repair

Patio Door Lock Removal

Window Screen Removal Instructions

Patio Door Roller Adjustment

Window Lock Replacement

Patio Door Screen Adjustment

Window Sash Removal Instructions

312 Patio Door Handle Assembly

Patio Door Reversal

Patio Door Remove A Stuck Key